Machines and Systems

Embossing machines for all materials with the ability to be embossed and winded

for example: Paper cardboard, foil, laminates and metal strips

for embossing technique:

  • steel to paper
  • steel to rubber
  • steel to steel

Coil to coil

Embossing machine in horizontal configuration for gift paper

Embossing machine with noise protection hood for embossing of aluminium foil

Embossing machine with changable cartridge for foil-clad cardboard

In Line

Embossing machine with pulling station for embossing of aluminium and steel strip; working width up to 2100 mm

Embossing machine for PP or PET packaging strips

Embossing machine for PP or PET packaging strips in "C" frame design (one side open for easy strip insertion)

Embossing machine with exchangeable embossing cassette and noise protection hood

Reconditioning and refurbishment

Reconditioning of a Hiedemann embossing machine for embossing of paper and cardboard

Refurbishment of a calendering unit

Reconditioning of a Hiedemann machine for embossing of aluminium foil

Special purpose machines

Embossing machine with blind embossing for blank embossing of printed logo in register