UniMaTec sets of top-to-flat rolls with quick adjustment

Our patented quick adjustment system makes work much easier and allows you to save time. It enables you to change the embossing nip in a matter of seconds and to reproduce this setting whenever needed. This is the perfect solution when you process different materials on your machine: The embossing parameters can be adjusted within a few minutes.

Furthermore, the UniMaTec quick adjustment system makes readjustments of the embossing rolls easier.

Our rolls are tough products

Special steel material and roller bodies with at least 4 mm effective hardening depth and up to 63 HRC depending on the application guarantee the highest precision – even in continuous operation. While one roll is engraved with a positive pattern, we have designed the counter-roll with a smooth surface, cambered through a special grinding process. Additional surface treatments such as nickle-plating, special hard chrome plating or CrN coating make your engraving extremely wear-resistant. Even material running through with folds or sticky spots hardly impairs the surface of the rolls.

The adjustment principle – ingeniously simple

The embossing nip can be quite easily adjusted by shifting the plain roll in cross direction. Outer conical adjustable rings with opposite gradients, placed on the right and left side of the roller body, enable minimal adjustment steps. A special adjusting lever with prestressed ball bearing spindle ensures, with the help of stop bolts, an accurate adjustment of the embossing nip in 0.005 mm steps.

Basic setting

The 0.02 mm embossing nip is the initial position when the outer conical rings of the embossing and plain roll are congruent. The adjusting lever is positioned on Centre, thus enabling you both to minimize and to widen the embossing nip. It is of course essential that the dimension of the nip should be equally adjusted for the entire roll circumference in order to prevent the adjustable ring from wobbling. A 0.1 mm adjustment corresponds to a change in nip of 0.002 mm.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • You can quickly and easily adapt your machines when changing the material processed
  • Easy re-and fine adjustment
  • Optimal adjustment of the embossing nip in fixed steps, enabling you to reproduce your embossing at any time.

Just contact us right now for detailed information! We will be glad to demonstrate to you the practical use of our quick adjustment system. You will be delighted!